Alexander Zlatopolskiy was born on March 3, 1981 in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) in the family of Marina Vadimovna Zlatopolskaya and Igor Yuryevich Zlatopolskiy. Mom has always worked and continues to work as a notary in Yekaterinburg, Alexandra’s dad has been running a stationery company for many years. Alexander also has a younger sister, Olga.

After completing 8 classes at school number 30, he transferred to the philological class of the humanities lyceum number 40. After graduating from the lyceum, he entered the Ural State Law Academy, the Institute of Justice (formerly the Faculty of Investigation and Forensics). While studying at the Academy, he was an actor and author of the KVN team «Funny Sentence», with which he participated in the festival of KVN teams «KiViN» in Sochi in 2003, in the Ural KVN League, and also performed with solo pop comedy numbers at various interuniversity and city concerts.

Having received a law degree, which Alexander’s mother really wanted, not believing in the stability and seriousness of the acting profession, Alexander nevertheless fulfilled his childhood dream — he entered the acting department of the branch of the Higher School of Cinema and Television in Yekaterinburg (course master — Sergei Grigorievich Shablakov). Then, in 2005, having moved to live in Moscow, he transferred to the acting department of the Institute of Humanitarian Education (the artistic director of the department is People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Borisovich Korenev, the master of the course is Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Sergeevich Bordukov). In his final year, he took part in the graduation performances «The Marriage of Balzaminov» (A. Ostrovsky), played the role of the Storyteller in the fairy tale «The Snow Queen» (E. Schwartz), and played the role of Joe in the play «The Long Goodbye» based on the works of Tennessee Williams.

After graduating from the theater institute, he served for several years at the Moscow Children's Music and Drama Theater «A-Ya», in which he played the main roles in the plays «The Little Humpbacked Horse», «The War of Parsley and Styopka-Rastrepka», «Verbatim», based on real dialogues adults and children, played in the musical «Fly-Tsokotukha», participated in the play on the military theme «Triangular Years», based on real letters from the front, and in a number of other productions.

In 2008, after leaving the theater, he was involved in the creation of original television projects, including: the entertainment and educational program «Encyclopedia of Useful Tips», in which Alexander was the main actor and author (the program aired on the «Capital» TV channel); the «Check Run» project about foreign hotels, tourism and travel, in which Alexander was also one of the producers and presenter; «My role in cinema» is a kind of movie attraction in which anyone could express themselves as the hero of a Soviet film they loved from childhood, and famous actors and directors evaluated the participants, Alexander acted as a co-producer and host of the program. Alexander was the author of a number of humorous programs, including «Wick» under the direction of Sergei Mikhalkov and Igor Ugolnikov for the Rossiya channel, «Zucchini Deja Vu» on the Capital TV channel, Show News on the TNT TV channel; collaborated with various humorous programs on the Rossiya TV channel as an actor and author.

A few years later he focused his activities on cinema. The first full-length film in which Alexander played one of the main roles was the mystical thriller «Somnambulist» (2013). Then he took part in many full-length films and TV series of different genres. One of the landmark projects was the film «Aika» (dir. Sergei Dvortsevoy), which entered the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival in France and received the Palme d’Or in the category «Best Actress» (Samal Yaslyamova). In 2019, the film «Aika» was shortlisted for the Oscars.

He played in the British war film «Behind Enemy Lines» (2020) along with Hollywood stars John Hannah and Ed Westwick. He played the role of an investigator in the drama «The Conference» by Ivan I. Tverdovsky — the film received many awards in Europe and took the prize in the «Best Screenplay» category at the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi.

Then Alexander, in parallel with his acting profession, began to move towards producing activities and opened his own film company, Goldfield Entertainment. Alexander became a producer of a number of Russian TV series and films, a co-producer of the international anthology «Selfimania» and acted as an associate producer of the British film «Saw. Joker» (DarkGame), as well as the film «According to Freud» starring Anthony Hopkins.

In 2022 and 2023, a number of films with Alexander’s participation were released: the crime thriller «Plast», the action film «Outcasts», the drama «Breath», the comedy «Home Alone» and others. Also in 2023, Alexander acted as the general producer of the drama «Morse Code» and the family comedy «New Year’s All Inclusive», playing one of the main roles in the comedy (in wide federal release in Russia and the CIS countries from December 21, 2023).

Now Alexander is actively involved in acting and producing, shoots full-length feature films and TV series as a producer and takes an active acting part in many Russian and international projects. In parallel with his activities in the film industry, Alexander continues to engage in variety activities, performing with his own numbers in humorous television projects on federal television channels, and also organizes and hosts festive events of various sizes and formats around the world.

Alexander has two beautiful daughters, Nastya (born 2007) and Sofia (born 2014), who are still in school, but are already actively participating in some projects as actresses.